10 Meter Radio

Technical Service Bulletins





TSB10041 - Adding Talkback to the 200GTL



TSB10043 - Receiver overload and TX warble on 150GTL & 200GTL



TSB10044 - Improve adjacent channel rejection with NB enabled on 200GTL



TSB10045 – Adding reverb to the echo on 150GTL & 200GTL



TSB10046 – Increasing squelch hystersis on the 150GTL & 200GTL



TSB10047 – Replacing MOSFET finals on 200GTL



TSB10051 – Increasing the microphone gain on the 200GTL



TSB10053 – “Pop” in the modulation on the 150GTL



TSB10059 – Adjust talkback volume on 200GTL



TSB10062 – Increase talkback volume on 150GTL